Our company specializes in an international transport. We have a license to deliver packages and carry passengers to England. We also have a huge bus fleet. Our buses allow you to travel in comfort. Due to the trust which you have put in our company we perfectly understand your needs and expectations. That is why we are able to provide services on the highest level. Our satisfied customers are the best showcase of our reliability.

People transit

One of our key assumptions is to arrive at a destination in a safe and comfortable way. We provide regular shuttle services between Poland and England, so you may be certain to get to your destination.

Packages transit

We are one of few companies who does not hesitate to talk about the prices of our packages’ delivery. It costs only £20 to expedite a package which does not exceed 30 kg. Every extra kilogram costs only £1, which makes us competitive.

Non-typical packages

If you necessarily wish to expedite a non-typical package and Polish couriers appear to be far too expensive, call us. We will try to meet your expectations and deliver the package to its destination.